Here are some jobs that we replaced fascia on in the Greater Portland Maine area.

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This is the most important part of the job before any gutter is installed. A gutter system will only be as strong as the fascia board it is fastened to. If we discover wood rot when removing an old gutter system or if we notice it during our free estimate, GutterPro is a equipped with on staff carpenters to take care of any fascia rot needed. We find sometimes this important step is skipped over or missed by other gutter contractors because it's not something they are able to handle or not willing to do. If the fascia is not dry and able to support a gutter system, the gutter will pull away and leak. When getting estimates ask if your gutter contractor is willing to replace any rotted boards if they are discovered.

What types of fascia can i have installed?


Pre-primed Wood Trim- This is the most common trim/fascia boards used when just replacing sections of trim. Disadvantage of using wood is you have to paint your trim, that means not missing any spots like above the gutter. Water pours into the gutter from the roof and splashes on the trim board like it does when it hits the ground. We find that some painters will miss this strip of wood and if skipped over several time and left unprotected will rot.

Vinyl/PVC Boards- Very great product to use if you are replacing entire stretch of fascia. The reason you need to replace the entire stretch is because the vinyl board contracts and expands differently than wood. Beside being more expensive than wood by 20% more it only comes in white. You can paint the product with latex paint to match your home. Overall if you don't want rot and you have white trim, this is a great product for your home.

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