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Gutter Guard Comparison

Valor Gutter Guard

(3rd Generation Micro Cover)

​***Exclusively only installed by GutterPro***

Our ultimate gutter protection, this is the solution to keep all debris from entering your gutters. Being 3rd generation this micro mesh cover has been upgraded to more open frame that has louvered designed to eliminate mildew from forming on the under side of the mesh screen. The raised embossed mesh stops debris from sticking to the surface of the mesh and giving the wind a better chance of blowing off debris. the raised surface also slows the water flow down to ensure more water filters thru the mesh than a 2nd generation cover.

Micro Mesh Covers

​(2nd Generation Micro Cover)

Becoming the most popular cover use because it is designed as a duel cover. They take a basic gutter cover and add a mesh over the top of the cover. Adding the mash over the cover helps keep smaller debris like pine needles out. Even tho we have found that some pine needles can still penetrate the mesh and stick into the gutter guard. Two cons with this cover is it cost more and restricts water flow and snow and ice will sit on top of the cover and drip over in the winter months.

Gutter Screens

They allow the most amount of water into the gutter system because they are the most open. These are great covers if you have very little small debris falling and a lot inside corners with big valleys. This cover is the least expensive and easiest to install. It is screwed down to the gutter with 1/2 stainless steel screws and it is very east to remove. Ice and snow does not damage it because it is shaped to sit on top of the gutter hanger to support it.

Gutter Covers / Gutter Guards

The Right Gutter Cover for you

We install several different type of gutter covers find out more about them. 

When looking for the right gutter cover for your home, use these helpful tips on narrowing down your selections.

  • How many trees do you have
  • Location of trees (Over hanging branches on roof, touching siding, 20 feet away, etc.)
  • What type of trees (Oak, Pine, Maple, etc.)
  • How often does debris fall from trees
  • What type of debris is falling
  • Size of the roof
  • Underground drainage
  • Budget

That is the most common question we ask our customers when trying to find a cover that works for them. Many factors play in that can cause a gutter to fail, so knowing this info nation can help us solve your problem. 

*****Disclamer****** Covers sometimes are not the answer for all homes, we find sometimes leaving the covers off is better than installing them.