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Thompson Point Gutter Installation Portland Maine
Thompson Point Gutter Installation Portland Maine
Thompson Point Gutter Installation Portland Maine

"GutterPro was contracted to replace my existing gutter that were only 5 years old. After removal of the old gutters they found the wood rot the other gutter installers covered over. After removing the wood rot issues GutterPro installed new vinyl boards on my fascia so I no longer have to paint. They also fixed the layout of my gutter system to work better with my home. I am very happy with my entire experience. George- Fascia & Gutter Portland Maine Fall 2012

Thompson Point Seamless Gutter Installation‚Äč

Installing gutters on this older building presented many challenges. Before we could do our part the customer had a trim board mounted to the brick and capped so the gutters had something to attache to. 

The gutter system chosen by the customer was our 6" k-style in the bronze color with 3x4 downspouts with over 500 feet of material which a good portion had to be installed by using a lift this project took us 3 days to complete with minimal disturbance to the local business occupying the buildings. If you have a chance to visit this newly renovated part of Portland rest assure no drips will hit your head.

Among the many gutter contractors you may be researching GutterPro is truly located in Greater Portland. We believe in starting off with our customers by being truthful about our location and not hide behind PO Boxes while operating from distance. So being among the very few gutter contractors in Portland Maine, GutterPro offers its clients a truly professional installation. By being specialists in the industry our clients can expect a fair price and a professional installation every time. GutterPro also specializes in fascia replacement and aluminum trim coverage, and would always recommend addressing any damage before installing a new gutter system. GutterPro services all of greater Portland, Peaks Island and surrounding islands. Our estimates are always free no matter how difficult the travel. We enjoy installing seamless gutters in Portland Maine and working on the great variety of homes Maine has to offer. We look forward to your inquiry!

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"GutterPro was Fantastic! When I called them they were very prompt and courteous. They had a very busy schedule, but they still found time to clean the grass that was growing form my gutters. They did not step in my flower beds or cause any damages. They clean up and and did not even disturb my mulch. Just amazing and fair would highly recommend!!!!!!!!!! "  Alison- Gutter Cleaning Portland Maine Summer 2012

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