GutterPrO INC.

The RainMaxx Gutter System offers the versatility of a larger gutter with a modern look. Allowing your home to carry more rain water than a traditional 5" k-style gutter without sacrificing integrity. RainMaxx was designed to help move more water while blending in to your homes trim. 


Finishes & Colors

RainMaxx comes in 12 standard colors and has a textured low sheen finish. The finish on the gutter is not as easily scratched as a smooth finish gutter system. 

The Rainmaxx gutter system


The System

RainMaxx is the only 5” gutter system to offer larger 3x4 downspout as a standard installation. Which means your system can now handle more water and dispose of it faster. Benefits of a larger spout also help with premature clogging from falling debris. Larger spouts can flush larger debris without clogging as easy.

No longer compromise appearance for function

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