One huge factor when hiring GutterPro is our installation methods. This does not just make us a superior gutter contractor but it makes us different from all other seamless gutter contractors in Maine. While other contractors focus all their attention on being cheap by using less, GutterPro offers its customers more for afforable prices. We have found if you do the job right the first time its cheaper vs repairing less superior gutter systems again, again and again. Our gutter hangers are hidden and spaced every 12 inches on center with a tape measure every time. Our fasteners are stainless steel this is very important due to the fact we are on the coast and red rust will show on any other fasteners within 3 years.

Professionalism everytime, when choosing a gutter contractor in Southern Maine most people find it hard to know what a gutter contractor really might be like. Questions you may ask yourself are.

  • Will they show up to do the job?
  • Can they complete the job in timely manner? 
  • Who will show up to do the actually work?
  • Will they represent them self in a professional manner?
  • Will they protect my home?
  • Do I need to supervise them?

Should these questions arise at anytime when dealing with a contractor then you should do more research or not hire that contractor. GutterPro tries to give our clients as much detail and knowledge by painting a very clear picture on who we are. We accomplish this by putting ourself out there more than any other gutter contractor and doing things different from the stats quo. GutterPro likes to show our customers jobs in progress, daily updates on facebook and our websites are updated weekly with new pictures and articles. We also are the only gutter contractor in Portland Maine that gives bios on our staff.

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